What makes the difference, especially in a jewel, is design and detail's care. This is possible only by great experience. Experience obtained by who manages RPM form 40 years, into jeweler's art area and especially in the diamond turning rings production, through newest technologies and production systems.
All this allows us to offer you, high quality jewelry at competitive prices!

The creation of new models, begin from a deep study of mart trends!This allow us to identify those that could be more attractive for our costumers!

Our objects production, always start from a precious metal alloy tube. It's created form a continuous casting furnace and this kind of fusion allow us to have no impurities into the metal, at difference from others old classic fusion methods.
All frames are obtained from a metal bar, in case where the object to produce requires particular assembly,(ex. earring or wedding rings with more colors) item is welded and hand-assembled by jeweler who make high-accuracy welds, through laser or welding-tape furnace.
All these roughing steps, jewels are finished with diamond tools that give the object an accuracy and perfectly polished surface.
All working steps are carefully followed by great expert operator that, time after time, create programs according to the objects to be produced, and makes also finishing-working, through manual-command machine.
the complexity-use of the machines and the complicated processing steps, always requires capable and specialized labor, which during years allow us to reach highest-accuracy standard, combined to possibility to produce also big quantity of goods, keeping short delivery times!

Our experience allow us also to can make objects following specs of each single costumer.
With this ability we are able to offer, on request, various personalizations on the our production objects, or else, creating in exclusive, completly new jewels, adapting ourselves to the needs of those costumers who want a completly-new and unique jewel, produced with max-accuracy!
This our ability allow us to extend our mart on all Europe and also over-ocean.
In the last years, company has invested a lot in advertising on specialized magazines and in the participation to the three annual editions of Vicenza fair,
showing up new and wide booth which has attracted the attention of many new customers!
our main target is that to continue on the way taken until now, always offering highest-quality objects at competitive prices!